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100 Times, (A Memoir of Sexism)

"This book makes its case in stark, personal terms." - The New York Times

"With her forthright, stark style, Woods reveals and examines the abuse she and so many other women have endured." - LA Weekly

"Woods reminds readers that there is no such thing as reverse sexism in a world where women are so systematically oppressed. Brilliant and simple, this is sure to advance understanding of a topic of intense national reckoning." – Booklist

"Fascinating, horrific but also sometimes hilarious." -The Stranger

“Woods indicts not just men and boys for (sexist) aggression, but also the culture that allows this type of behavior to continue.” -Bomb Magazine

“This text is not only a vital read for those who have experienced gender violence, but also for those looking to enact real allyship and create real change in the world. I suspect this text will become a vital tool for teaching, reclaiming, and collectively mourning for years to come.” -Lambda Literary

In 100 Times (A Memoir of Sexism) Shirley Jackson Award-winning author, Chavisa Woods presents one hundred personal stories of sexist harassment, discrimination, and assault she has experienced and witnessed, beginning at age five, up to the present day.

Woods lays out clear and unflinching personal vignettes that build in intensity as the number of times grows. Individually, and especially taken as a whole, these stories amount to powerful proof that sexual violence and discrimination are never just one-time occurrences, but part of a constant battle all women face every day.


In these extraordinary pages, sexual violence and sexist discrimination occur regardless of age, in all spheres of society, in rural and urban areas alike, in the US and abroad, from Woods' youth through adulthood. Demonstrating how often people are conditioned to endure sexism and harassment, and how thoroughly men feel entitled to women’s spaces and bodies, 100 Times forces the reader to witness the myriad ways in which sexism and misogyny continuously shape women’s lives, and are built-in facets of our society.


100 Times, (A Memoir of Sexism), 240 pages, will be release by Seven Stories Press (An imprint of Penguin/Random House) June 25th, 2019.


Cover art by Kiki Smith

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Winner of the Shirley Jackson Award.

"This Book is tight, intelligent, and important, and sure to secure Woods a seat in the pantheon of critical twenty-first-century voices." —  Booklist

" Eight uncompromising stories! "- Publisher's Weekly

“You can say that these stories seem like they were ready made for a post 2017 election but they were written during the Obama presidency; the experience of America that many people have woken up to in the last six months is the America that has been happening since the beginning of this country."  — Electric Lit

"Think of Woods as a literary exorcist, calling out certain entities that possess rural America: isolation, working-class poverty, drugs, incarceration, military dogma, and evangelical religion." — The Rumpus

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