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Butch Morris' Chorus of Poets at the Whitney Museum

Butch Morris' A Chorus of Poets redefines the audience’s understanding of jazz, poetry, instrumentation, and, most importantly, the conductor – ensemble relationship. When you go to a concert, you typically have some notion of what you're going to hear, and your brain shifts into a relaxed gear.…

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Itziar Barrio at the Arriaga Square and Theatre, Bilbao,



Arriaga Square and Theatre, Bilbao, Spain

Some months ago I came into an open mic at the bowery and made people repeat Adele lyrics mic-check style. Silly as it seemed at the time, this was part of a larger collaborative project concieved and direted by Itziar Barrio. I have include…

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Cervantes Institute


Electrica Exhibition

Kryptonite, On display at the Cervantes Institute, (March, 2011) as part of the Electrica Exhibition is a multimedia installation project which investigates relations of power dynamics and desire through text, sculpture and video. Visual …

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We Could Have Had it All- Full Video