Chavisa Woods

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A Peach Like No Other


It’s like that girl
you didn’t know you wanted
until three days after
you got her

who would’ve known
not you
that night you never asked for

it’s like peeling back
the skin of a fruit
and eating it thoughtlessly

and the taste that remains is strange
the skin is glistening blue

you chewed it without really

you swallowed without knowing
this was a peach like no other

one no one
has ever known before
and never will again
the anomalous fruit
a god fruit
you devoured in distraction

and now she is shy as before
and her glasses are officiously in place
and you fumble stupidly around her
that demure girl you didn’t know you wanted
until after she opened before you

a lost moment
you wish you had relished
as you would a gift laid by queens for your mounting

I wonder if death will be like this
if we will all be ghosts on the wind

sighing about what we did not know
we adored



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