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A “Gay-Panic” argument brought a mistrial and possible downgrade from Murder to Manslaughter for the fourteen-year-old boy who brought a gun to school and shot and killed a fifteen year old gay boy who had been making verbal advances toward him. The idea that someone who is not your gender preference flirting with you could put you into such a deranged mindset that you could kill them and plead temporary insanity would sound completely outlandish to everyone if this were any other scenario. I want to see a dyke get off with manslaughter for shooting some dude who hit on her because of "Hetero-Panic." Right. But this argument actually still holds such credence that it  caused a mistrial, when homophobia was involved. 


This case gets even more awful. The fourteen year old who did this is being tried as an adult. On the one hand, I would really like a precedent set that this "gay panic” argument cannot be used in court cases involving violence against queers. So that would be in favor of the murder charge.  But on the other hand, they are trying a 14 year old as an adult, which means he could get life, or if he’s in the wrong state, death. Children are executed in this country every year. A sad fact, and if you didn’t know that , well now you do.

So, no matter how this ends, it can’t end well. I just want to know, who’s in charge here and are you thinking about ANYTHING, anything at all? 

-Chavisa Woods




More details on the story here:,_%22gay_panic%22_used_as_defense/?page=1

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