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New Year's Wishes

I wish I was always caught
in the center
of an orgasm
pressed against a woman
who was always wanting to come
on me
I want her to be a strong,
hilarious and bravely tender
pressing my back to cold earth,
and nothing ever obscuring the sky
and the stars
crystal goblets
breaking her unconscious
at the crown
of her sacred skull.
I want there to be 
sacred skulls
I want there to be
of blood
of blood
of blood
springing from the streets
ringed by silver, embossed
sacred skulls
and children dancing below them
turning red.
I want the revolution
to be
I want it to have happened
I want Obama
to be totally black
and I want him to actually be
a Marxist,
anarcha- anti-capitalist
with a legion of paramilitary
scholastic, socialistic
guerilla warriors
hiding in the Catskills,
awaiting his orders.
I want the Hudson River
to be clear
and clean
as the Caribbean
I want people to fish from it
with their hands
I want the fish 
to be gold
and white
and healthy
like Jesus,
I want Jesus to not be Jesus,
I wish Jesus, Muhammad and Buddha
hadn’t been so sure
of their transcendence
I want them to have been women,
old women,
I wish the world
were split
into three
major religions
that worshiped three
old grandmas
I wish their names were Johannah, Maha and Bohdi
and their greatest accomplishment had been
that they each baked
really spectacular
loaves of bread
and sectarian arguments
centered around
whose recipe had been
most superior
I wish wars
had been fought
by all the armies
of each religion
baking their sacred grannies’
then stuffing them into the mouths
of starving mobs
and the starving mobs
would have judged
which one was most
and we would have conquered
in that way
I wish that’s how wars were fought;
believers stuffing
delicious sacred breads
into the mouths of starving mobs,
I wish that were the history
of war
I wish that were the history
of religion,
I wish atheists
were witches instead
I wish everything
in Harry Potter
was real,
I wish I had wings and a tail
and tentacles for genitals,
I wish plastic surgeons
only existed to make us more
and the new healthcare plan
granted everyone
one free mythological
appendage surgery,
I wish Sarah Palin
was a Moose,
Just a goofy Moose in a Mountain somewhere
I wish rush Limbaugh
was actually Java the Hut
and everything in Star Wars
was real, too
I wish Einstein
had openly been
an alien
and instead of
the moon landing,
old people talked about
the day Einstein left Earth
in his spaceship
after killing Hitler
in a really awesome
laser war
I wish I could un-bomb
cover it in honey and  petals
un-plant all the GMO crops
but I wish some trees
had flames for leaves
I wish I could set fire
to the poison in
my blood
I wish Milton Freedman
had committed suicide
ate a young age
and communism
a bad word
I wish I had never known
or that everyone had,
I wish I wasn’t terrified
of you.
I wish Valerie Solanas
had shot Reagan
not because he was a bad president,
he wasn’t yet,
just because
she had hated his movies,
I wish that women greeted each other
by grabbing each other’s breasts
or maybe smashing them together,
I wish there were oceans
of honey
webbed ponds
of teeth and fog
of blood and bones
I wish beauty were
I wish we were always
I wish all my greatest loves
were one polymorphous
woman with five heads
who always wanted to be coming
on me
as I shout the name
of the old granny
I was raised to worship
but no longer believe in,
Johanna, oh Johanna
as the five headed strong,
hilarious and bravely tender
shakes me by the blood fountain
below the sky
which is always clear
ink black above her
as she rocks me
always in the center
of an orgasm
as the stars like crystal goblets
breaking her unconscious over
her quintuplet
sacred crowns.


 -Chavisa Woods


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