Chavisa Woods

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may you never realize you are as cold as this

eyes of expectant crystal cups unfilled

wanting as if wanting were all we knew to want

snowfall on bloomed petals

and blazing reflections

of sun on ice

sustenance deflected by unseen stratum

visible only at the sharpest angles

diamond blindness

you pass averting your gaze from our glare

may you never realize you are as cold as this

are we firewood?

are we fags?

stripped rags?

match stick, match girl

are we the stories you tell yourself to know you are safe?

the space that allows for wanting

wanting as if wanting were all we knew to want?

hot bodies tumbling in a frosted bell jar

unseen, irreproachable

time is at a standstill

each moment moves at survival’s pace

frozen in bestial eternity


poor breeding


poverty is breeding

out like unbearable hoarfrost needles

stitching multiplicity to barren stone

even the air is breathless

emptiness solidifies

(I have watched) the clouds         

turn to bones and grow heavy   

dropping to the ground to be gnawed     

by relentless dogs

this does not mean we are rising

like a dovelike

bone last leg eggshell ivory

feather pale,

green is the ColorOfFire

ascension of smoke

or maybe there is just a way grass has

of seeming to burn

beyond the barrier you keep

fortressed the flame in glass castles

filling open our open mouths, expectant crystal goblets

with numb

clinking cubes

of ice

your poverty is tasteless

and you offer it as a banquet

let us eat it easy as grass


may you never realize

you are as cold

wanting as if wanting were all you knew to want

reaching as if always to be reaching

the substance of desire is immobile

fixed, immense, glacial

bearing down with the weight of birth

caught immortally in labor’s pain

pressing always

forward amassing exponential gravity

on its imperceptible journey

sculpting the visage of the world








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