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What Are You, Some Kind of Angry Dyke or Something?

I am only an angry dyke
when I'm fucking a fag
and I'm on top
and I can't figure
how to move my hips
quite right

When I'm fucking a woman
with my hand
I'm a just a lesbian

When I'm fucking a man
who used to be a woman
I'm queer

And when I'm fucking a woman
who used to be a man
I'm probably
really straight

When I'm bending a trans-boy over
I'm an ecstatic dyke

When I take it
on my back
I'm a very generous dyke

When I use my mouth
on a woman
I'm fixated on the womb

When I bend a woman over
I am a kinky lesbian

When I put my clit
against her clit
I'm a murderous lesbian

And when I let her top my ass
I'm probably really bi

When I talk about my lovers
I'm a slut

When they beat me
behind the ball pit
in high school
I was a faggot

When I Kiss my mother
I am a victim

When I beat my lover's rapist
I am hysterical lesbian

When I'm saying no
I'm gay

When I’m applying for a job
I’m gay

When I first wake up
I’m grouchy and gay

When my aunt talks about me
I’m a gay

When I’m holding my grandmother's hand
I'm a homosexual

When their howling at me on the sidewalks
I’m a bitch

When My grandfather’s crying
I'm sick
and gay

When I fuck a married man
I'm a whore

When I fuck a married woman
I'm a hot dyke

When I swing with a couple
I’m a troublemaking

When I step into my old church
I’m a satanic homosexual

When they disowned me
I was a degenerate

When I’m getting paid to watch
I’m straight

I’m only straight for money
in hour-long increments

And sometimes I’m a straight man
when I strap it on for my girlfriend
I guess

When I’m crossing the Williamsburg Bridge
and the sun is bursting
like blood down my thighs
across the horizon
I’m an art fag

And if you really push me to name it
I’m a queer dyke

But when we are calling
each other
in the darkness 

When we are calling
each other
by name
in the darkness
we use
of these



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