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Love Does Not Make Me Gentle or Kind

 "Chavisa's stories are definitely written from an American Outsider perspective. She's a writer who watches, waits, and thinks for herself, bringing us close to the infernal life of the Americanly Ignorant and the articulate seer who lurks among them."  -Jennifer Blowdryer, (White Trash Debutante, Good Advice for Young Trendy People of all Ages, and Modern English.)

The story, "Dolche" is strong as a punch, again with an ending that hits as hard as a full beer can to the head. "Home" and "Sliding" read like the rest: like these are chapters in a novel, the story being about how to survive when nothing else thrives in a world of screen doors with the screens pushed out, rotting porches, drunken adults, violations of all sorts, broken toys, rusted swing sets in back yards and bloodied up faces. I curled up with this book and felt right at home, grateful that I, too, was out.  -Katharine Arnaldi  (All Things Are Labor, The Amazing True Story  of a Teenage Single Mom)


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