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NPR's 1A, in conversation with E. Jean Carroll and Chavisa Woods

We talk with E Jean Caroll and Chavisa Woods about chronicling their experiences of harassment and assault, and where the #MeToo movement goes from here.

The #MeToo movement has helped millions of women share their stories of sexual assault and harassment. But imagine having so many stories that you had to make a list. Imagine if that list included the president.That’s the reality for Elle advice columnist E. Jean Carroll, who recounts experiences of harassment and assault in her forthcoming book, What Do We Need Men For?

Author Chavisa Woods also has a list. Her upcoming memoir, 100 Times (A Memoir of Sexism), documents experiences of harassment and abuse that begin at age five.“What compelled me to embark upon this project seemed to me to be the exact opposite motivation behind the writing of most memoirs,” she wrote for LitHub. “I decided to put these stories to the page not because my life has been exceptional. I felt it was incumbent upon me to tell the stories exactly because, when it comes to sexism, my life is not exceptional at all.”

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'Because My Life Is Not Exceptional': Chavisa Woods' Memoir Examines Pervasiveness Of Sexism with Evie Hemphill

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In our conversation, Woods shares many of the same experiences she shares in her memoir, recounting her experiences with sexist discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual violence—beginning in childhood, through the present